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The Ladybug's Gift

By Chris and Ryan Richie



The Ladybug's Gift


The Butterfly's Gift


The Honeybee's Gift



The Ladybug’s Gift is an inspirational, feel good story that leaves you filled with wonder. It is a story that allows children to remember and feel the presence of departed loved ones, as well as reinforces that every child has a special gift. The bright, colorful and happy pictures perfectly match the story. My son devoured the book as soon as it came out of the box, which made him fondly recall his dog who passed away, and he has read it every day since it arrived. A winner!

Lynn-  Mother

Our four kids really enjoyed this book and our older children have read it multiple times after I first read it to them. While it deals with a heavy concept, the loss of a loved one, it does so in a way that left our kids feeling happy and uplifted at the end. More importantly, it teaches important lessons about celebrating the lives of those we love and understanding how our gifts can help others in times of need. Strongly recommend!

Nick - Father

I just received my 4 copies of this book! I was so excited to finally get to read the story that I heard about a few years ago. The book was so worth the wait. The illustrations are so bright and cheerful. The story is as sweet as I remember it. Thank you, Richie Family for sharing your families story and allowing it to help so many others. I bought 1 extra book because I know I will learn of someone that needs to read this story.

Donna -Grandmother

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Rebecca "Becca" Conrad Richie and her three sons; Chris, Travis and Ryan

The Ladybug's Gift © is a story based on a unique ladybug encounter that brought us peace shortly after our mother passed away.  This book is for children of all ages written from the ladybug's point of view and teaches us that our loved ones are never really gone.  Our story also teaches that everyone has a gift that is meant to be shared with the world.  The reader will feel the ladybug's concern while she searches for her special gift and will rejoice when she discovers her own "gift" through the help of a guardian angel.  The simple act of a ladybug's visit reminded us of the power of Faith, Hope and Love and that our departed loved ones remain with us, in more ways than one. The authors felt compelled to share this incredible experience in the hopes it will help others cope with the loss of a loved one by experiencing God's peace.


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